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Interview 6/21/15
Head Coach Leroy Pinckney
Q: You've played many games as a player. What was it like preparing for your debut as a Head Coach? Were you nervous?
A: Preparing for my coaching debut was different in a lot of ways but one thing remained constant: the jitters! I did a lot of research and studying to make sure that I was up to the task.
Q: How different was it for you in-game as a coach rather than a player?
A: Having to manage game situations is really different from the coaching side. As a player, you just line up and play. Coaching is a lot more involved.
Q: Now that your first win is in the books, what do you plan to do differently if anything?
A: I plan on continuing to be a student of the game as well as a teacher. Nothing but experience can prepare you for what lies ahead.
Q: The Broncos are a good team, how much film did you watch in preparation, to be able to hold them to 7 points?
A: The coaching staff And I watch endless film to try and gain an advantage over our opponents. We will continue to do so. I ask my players to be unselfish and versatile. I think they do a good job of that.
Q: What can pirates fans expect from the team moving forward?
A: Pirates fans can expect a hard nosed fight to the end type of football team. Win, lose or draw we are coming and not backing down!


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